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From Mel Martinez <>
Subject Re: Tomcat Setup and configuration
Date Tue, 06 Feb 2001 22:31:25 GMT

--- wrote:
> Ok, this is a clear example of what's wrong with the
> current
> status - there are 2 directories that can be set on
> ContextManager,
> one is "home" and the other one is "installDir". 
> The env. variable is used to set home.

Where is this stuff documented?  There doesn't seem to
be a DTD for server.xml.

> If one is set and the other not - both share the
> same value.
> InstallDir is the one used for jar files ( and all
> "shared" files ).
> home is supposed to be used for the local instance.
> ( the model is again a shared installation -
> /usr/local or /opt/tomcat
> and each user having it's own config and set of
> applications ).

so you seem to be saying that one would set InstallDir
-> TOMCAT_HOME and home -> APP_HOME.  I'll test that

> By using explicit paths we can accomodate more use
> cases and be 
> very clear about what goes where.


> > Down the road an include mechanism would be a good
> No need, it's already done ( and in 3.2 too ).

Luv it.  Thanks for pointing that out.

> One of the goals for 3.3 release is to have all
> those
> small things that makes configuration easy ( as 
> usability enhancements ).

These issues directly affect configuration management
and are critical for managing complex deployments.  I
don't think enough people take this area seriously
enough (code features now, worry about deployment

> > Q2: More importantly, I'm still left with:  How do
> I
> > configure the use of a different servlet to handle
> > *.jsp requests?
> In 3.3 - in JspInterceptor you have "useJspServlet"
> and
> "jspServlet" that allows you to specify it on a
> global
> level ( or per context ! ).
> This is strongly discuraged - as it'll be much
> slower than
> using JspInterceptor's optimizations. 

Why exactly would it be 'much' slower?  Does that
presume that a custom JspServlet would be inherently
slower or that the default
org.apache.jasper.runtime.JspServlet is somehow
accellerated by something JspInterceptor does?

Hypothetical:  If I were to modify
org.apache.jasper.runtime.JspServlet (or make a
replacement and pre-load it in the CLASSPATH) would
that be 'much slower' (even though it should not
require setting the 'useJspServlet' tag since it would
appear to be the regular default class)?  Just curious
about your statement.

> If your jsp processor does something special, you
> can 
> bundle it with your application and use the web.xml
> ( from WEB-INF ) to set it. Then your app will work
> on any container the way you expect.

This may be suitable for some situations, but I have
other situations where I need to have complete control
over what JSP compiler is used by the servlet engine. 
This sort of configuration (specifying what servlet to
route a request to) is easy with JServ, WebLogic
Server and other servlet engines.  I'm not sure why it
shouldn't be just as simple on Tomcat.  Especially
since fundamentally Jasper is a standalone servlet
package that runs fine on other servlet engines than
Tomcat.  One should be able to plug-in a different JSP
processing servlet (or any default servlet) with no
more work than changing a line in a configuration
file.  It sounds like 3.3 brings this ease in the

I'm pretty intimate with the Jasper API, but still
learning the Tomcat API.  I'm still working on
understanding how the Connector and Interceptor
patterns are implemented.

Thanks again for the help.



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