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From "Remy Maucherat" <>
Subject Re: [PATCH]
Date Mon, 12 Feb 2001 06:44:30 GMT
> If you like that patch, you'll probably also like
> the ones I sent in on Friday -- messages with the
> title
> "[PATCH] TC4: TomcatBlock on Avalon 3.1a1"..

I'm -1 on applying the Avalon patch in the 4.0 tree.
The rationale is :
- Avalon isn't ready yet. It's still in alpha stage, and I fear there may be
API changes in the pipeline.
- TC 4.0 should be out before Avalon. If Avalon 3.1 evolves *after* TC 4.0
is released, this would break the wrapper included in TC 4.0 and make it
incompatible with the Avalon 3.1 production release, which would more or
less force us to do a TC maintenance release.

For these reasons, I'd like to see an official Avalon wrapper introduced in
Tomcat 4.1, but not in Tomcat 4.0.
I also propose to remove the current Avalon wrapper from the Tomcat 4.0
repository, to avoid the maintenance related issues.

The 4.1 repository should be recreated very soon, since TC 4.0 has gone back
into feature freeze mode (but we want to fix the sealing violation problems
reported by many people before).


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