BugRat Report # 690

Project: Tomcat Release: Tomcat 3.2.1
Category: Bug Report SubCategory: New Bug Report
Class: swbug State: received
Priority: high Severity: serious
Confidence: public

Submitter: Chris McClelen ( chris.mcclelen@contrado.com )
Date Submitted: Jan 2 2001, 05:14:51 CST
Responsible: Z_Tomcat Alias ( tomcat-bugs@cortexity.com )

jsp compliation error
Environment: (jvm, os, osrel, platform)
1.2.2, Windows 2000 Pro, ?, Intel

Additional Environment Description:

Report Description:
The default javasoft/JRE/1.2/lib/security/java.security file restricts use of the sun. packages. Both Tomcat and EmbededTomcat fail with the following error: Unable to compile class for JSP java.security.AccessControlException: access denied (java.lang.RuntimePermission accessClassInPackage.sun.tools.java Adding the following to the default tomcat.policy file does not correct the error: grant { permission java.lang.RuntimePermission "accessClassInPackage.sun.tools.java"; };

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