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From Brad Cox <>
Subject Re: An alternative to JSP
Date Thu, 11 Jan 2001 19:21:06 GMT
At 11:30 AM -0500 01/11/2001, Shawn McMurdo wrote:
>I agree with most of your discussion of the disadvantages of JSP/ASP/etc,
>but I believe your solution does not address a fundamental problem, which
>is the complete separation of presentation resources from presentation logic.

That is correct. My goal at this point is to get free of JSP so the 
goal was only to duplicate what JSP does in a way I can live with.

>Having the HTML embedded in a java class may be suitable for small
>built by engineers but does not address the vast majority of applications
>where designers work on HTML using many different HTML editing tools
>while developers work on the application logic in Java using various IDEs and

Perhaps I miscommunicated. The private methods that contain the 
{{html}} need not be private methods in the controller class, 
although that is the style I demonstrated in the paper and that I use 
in my own I-do-it-all work.

Also there is nothing that requires these view methods to contain 
hardcoded strings, other than the crude measurements in the 
Conclusion section that makes me doubt that the space issue is a 
primary concern. Each method could aim MLS at an html file at runtime 
(using the doStream() method that it provides for this purpose but 
which I didn't mention in the article) and let it do the executable 
inclusion at runtime. But good point; I'll make this explicit in the 

This would also eliminate the need for the outermost enclosing {{...}}, but
the executable inclusion brackets would remain. Do you object to my 
belief that html experts and their tools couldn't be trained to 
ignore the {{...}} wrappers around the html? I'd be interested in 
hearing more about this. After all, JSP has the same problem its <%= 
... %> executable inclusion syntax.

>Please take a look at:
>for more information.

Will do. Looks a lot like WebMacro at first glance.
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