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From Paul Libbrecht <>
Subject Thanks (was Re: TC3.x - status)
Date Tue, 02 Jan 2001 16:38:26 GMT

Yes, real thanks for Tomcat, it does help our project a lot and was 
prbably one of the main tool we're using that encouraged us to go in 
the open-source spirit.

We are making a mathematical learning system called activemath (see and are close to release. We are happily 
using tomcat as the only web and servlet engine, the jakart license 
provides us a worry-free environnement allowing us to concentrate on 
more math and learning oriented features.

It will be time one day we contribute to Tomcat, for sure... actually 
all my frustrations of web.xml were a lack of logging with them (this 
was fixed in 3.2 I think) and another we had suspected to be a real 
bug (an applet finally querying to load classes from another server) 
which  I believe is was, after all, a class-missing dumb problem. 
Those two contributions to Tomcat would have been... well... this 
should have turned to documentation.

So thanks again, this is a great tool and advances a fair amount the 
web-world and the freely-accessible knowledge philosophy.


PS: this class-missing problem turning out to be a security exception 
is a real problem (this was with NS4) and should be in some FAQ if 
there's any one day: an applet tries to load a class from the 
official source, not finding it tries some other stuffs... including 
the sun.* packages or (it happened to us) follows the link in the 
content delivered by the servlet (which happens to be in another 
package). Verbose class-loading is THE solution here.

At 23:38 -0800 01/01/01, wrote:
>I hope our ( those who contributed time to tomcat3 ) work on tomcat helps

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