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From Nick Bauman <>
Subject Re: Catalina + Apache
Date Fri, 19 Jan 2001 18:04:46 GMT
On Fri, 19 Jan 2001, Craig R. McClanahan wrote:

> Nick Bauman wrote:
> > Uhhh, I just realized something
> >
> > With TC 3x, you could map an extension from Apache to the servlet engine
> > with an AddHandler directive. I see nothing like this for TC4. Can someone
> > enlighten me?
> >
> The design goals for mod_webapp say that it should respect web.xml mappings --
> in other words, if you added a <servlet-mapping> entry for "*.foo" to a
> particular servlet, then that is what would happen at runtime.

I totally do not understand this! I'm dense or something: How does Apache
/ DSO* know about something in the web.xml?

If I grok you, this still relies on having /foo mapped to the servlet
container in Apache. I'm in a situation where Apache's DocumentRoot _is
the same as_ the top level of the WAR, but I want Apache to serve the
*.html and *.gif and *.jpg and *.png and I want Tomcat to only do the *jsp
and a special mapping (in this case *.j).

> The primary difference between Tomcat 4.0 stand alone and Tomcat 4.0 behind
> Apache is the mapping for the "default" servlet.  In the stand-alone case, this
> is mapped to the Tomcat servlet that serves static resources.  In the connected
> case, they would be served by Apache.

I don't see how this works in my case. I'm being dense, I think.

> At any rate, this is the theory -- Pier can comment on current practice.  I know
> he's working on a bunch of bug fixes for the originally reported problems.
> Craig

I would like to have it work in my case, but in order for me to help make
it happen, I need to understand the goal, which I don't understand. If you
or Pier can nurse me along a bit, I will work on making it happen in my
case (I do know C) and give it back to the community.

Thanks a ton anyway, Craig.

Nicolaus Bauman
Software Engineer
Simplexity Systems

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