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Subject Call for volunteers
Date Fri, 19 Jan 2001 16:05:12 GMT

As you know, a number of people expressed interest on releasing a new dot
version of tomcat3. They believe that the changes made so far to the main
branch are making the code more maintainable and faster than 3.2.

This cannot happen without your help.

Before making an official proposal and asking for a vote, I need to have
an idea about how much help can I get from tomcat commiters, non-commiters
and users. 

Help is needed in the following areas:

1. Bug fixes. At least 3 commiters will volunteer to integrate the patches
that are sent and do fixes them-self.

2. Bug reports/verification: we have a large number of bug reports,
most of them against previous versions of tomcat. We need people to look
at the bugs, try to reproduce them in the proposed 3.3, try to fix
them. If possible, we need a simple reproduction code that can be added to
the regression suite.

3. Code review/Documentation: The code is not perfect, but it should do
its job. Reading the tomcat.core and making sure it's ok is essential.

4. Testing/Building/mod_jk: If you use tomcat with a web server, we need
help making sure it works fine and eventually getting a compiled version
of mod_jk for your platform ( if you use a "special" OS or configuration ).

5. Testing your application with tomcat :-) ( this is probably a better
and more important test than our regression )

6. Jasper: making sure the bugs are integrated and the interceptor works
as expected, instead of just being faster.

7. User support/documentation: If you managed to get tomcat3 working, you
may be able to help others and reduce the load on commiters.

If you are a user of tomcat 3.2 or embed tomcat 3.2 in your applications,
this is a chance to turn into a contributor and then commiter. 

The help can range from downloading a milestone and running the provided
regression tests on your platform, writing simple fixes for the problems
that bother you, just looking at the source code and sending feedback or
small documentation, testing you favorite web application and making sure
it'll still work fine. 

Based on the response I get on this mail during the next few days I'll  
decide if I go ahead and make the proposal. 

This is not an "official" vote - just a show of hands to help the
commiters that will vote +1 get an idea about how much help they can
expect ( and maybe change their vote :-).

Any help is important - and there are many ways you can do it.

This mail doesn't "commit" yourself to anything - I'm asking for your
intention to help and what would you like to help with.


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