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From Nick Bauman <>
Subject Catalina + Apache
Date Fri, 19 Jan 2001 01:19:42 GMT
Hello Jakarta Tribe,

We are targeting Tomcat 4.0 for a project to be released within 30
days. We currently have an app in production at Exodus in Chicago that
utilizes many megabits of throughput and runs on multiple webservers that 
are load balanced using TC 3.1 and Apache 1.3. This is a new release of
this app.

I have some questions:

1) If we are choosing to go with 4.0, should we also be taking a look at
Apache 2.0? How far has the integration come on that front?

2) Using the, do we need to specify a "Tomcat
Standalone" service with our ROOT context, or is the
"Tomcat-Apache" all we need (and we should define the ROOT context int


-Nick Bauman
(The guy running BugRat for Jakarta)

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