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From "Benoit Derouet" <>
Subject [PATCH] adapter in load balancing (version 1.2 - Tomcat 3.2.x)
Date Fri, 12 Jan 2001 15:57:10 GMT

	The load balancer worker fail to handle load balancing (with sticky
sessions) if the application uses custom cookies.

	In some circumstances, the load balancer worker can't retreive the server
name from the JSessionID cookie and is not able to redirect to the good

	The algorithm parse the cookie header to extract the server name from the
JSessionID cookie. It find properly the end of the server name but fail to
cut the chars after.
So, it works fine if the cookie header contains only one cookie (or if
JSessionID is the last cookie) but If they are custom cookie, the server
name extracted will be: "servername;mycookieVal=myCookieValue ......"

	The bug is fixed around line 170.
(line id_end=NULL; replaced by id_end[0] = '\0'; )

	'hope this will be integrated in future versions ! (as our customers need
sticky load balancing...)



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