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From "James Courtney" <>
Subject RE: Rollover for each day ? Is this possible ??
Date Sun, 21 Jan 2001 21:21:09 GMT
I just joined the list and I know that it isn't open source but depending on
what you are doing there is a Java job scheduler available called Flux from
a company a friend of mine works for:

I don't know much about it but they say it's designed to integrate with J2EE
and is operable with any number of the major databases.  Clearly it isn't a
solution that can be integrated with a Tomcat release but, if you are trying
to do something with Tomcat an need scheduling and are willing to pay for
it...  Just a suggestion:)

I am interested in finding out who I should correspond with on the subject
of the Apache plug in for tomcat and the IIS plug in for tomcat.  If anyone
can point me in the right direction that would be great.  I have some code
changes I'd like to propose but I need to speak to someone who knows the
designs well.  I do not have submit rights yet on the CVS repository and I
don't know that I need them if I can find someone to review and hopefully
commit my proposed changes.  If anyone would like to extend submit
privileges to me and point me at an explanation of the processes involved in
committing a change to the release version(s) of Tomcat then that would be
great to:)

Many thanks,
	James Courtney

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From: Peter Donald []
Sent: Sunday, January 21, 2001 4:47 AM
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Subject: RE: Rollover for each day ? Is this possible ??

At 12:24  19/1/01 +0100, Ceki Gulcu wrote:
>1) The new appender should have flexible way of expressing the rollover
>frequency, perhaps in the same format as in the Unix crontabs file which I
>belive is also a Posix standard. I am not aware of any library that
>supports this. JDring ( seems to have most
>of the functionality needed except parsing the crontab format. Anyone know
>anything better?

Just as a FYI Avalon has a Crontab date timing device thingie. It is under
org.apache.avalon.blocks.scheduler.* and*

These will eventually be removed from Avalon as it is not their place but
for now they remain...

>As a side note, the omission of a crontab/at functionality in Java core
>libraries seems like a major oversight. Try buying stock a day later then
>what the customer ordered. See how many customers stay with your brokerage
>house.  :-)

I started implementing a cron server in java. The above was the very early
pieces of it. What I did was use the Cron time format and instead of
listing a command at the end (ie I used a job "name". Jobs
were defined in an Ant-like "jobfile" so that it would look like


  <job name="foo-job" ... >
    <task1 ... />
    <task2 ... />
    <task4 ... />


You could schedule 5-6000 jobs without any undue overhead. The only problem
occured with jobs that had short repeating periods but the actual job
execution took longer than repeat period. It was based on an old version of
avalon and a fork of ant I did ages ago.

Eventually when the direction of ants future is more clear I may update the
server to use newish versions of both toolkits. At that time I can put it
somewhere ala sourceforge if you are interested in it.



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