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From "Marc Saegesser" <>
Subject RE: [VOTES] Tomcat 4.0-Beta-1 and New CVS Repositories
Date Thu, 04 Jan 2001 14:25:52 GMT
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Craig R. McClanahan []
> (1) Tomcat 4.0 Beta 1
> The existing "jakarta-tomcat-4.0" repository will be branched with label
> "tomcat_40_branch", and each 4.0.x beta and release will receive
> a label such as
> "tomcat_40_b1".  The "main" branch of this repository will be
> active for bug
> fixes on 4.0, while major new development will shift to the 4.1 repository
> described below.

I need some clarification.  What will be purpose of the two branches in
jakarta-tomcat-4.0 (the "main" branch and tomcat_40_branch)?  If we're
moving 4.1 development to a new repository then do we still need branches in
the jakarta-tomcat-4.0 repository?

> (3) New "jakarta-servletapi-4.0" CVS Repository
> Therefore, I propose that we also create a new repository for
> these API classes
> (the "4.0" part of the number matching the Tomcat major version
> number), with
> these classes pulled out of the "jakarta-servletapi" repository
> -- which will
> remain the current code base for servlet 2.2 / JSP 1.1.

This sounds like a good plan.  My only concern is that we might cause
confusion by naming the repository with 4.0 when this will be used by any
4.x.  Might people be looking for jakarta-servletapi-4.1, etc.?

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