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From Jon Stevens <>
Subject Re: Meeting dialins
Date Sun, 21 Jan 2001 20:19:52 GMT
on 1/21/01 11:28 AM, "Shawn McMurdo" <> wrote:

> David made a valid and I think helpful suggestion
> and it was dismissed with a complaint.

Not dismissed or a complaint.

The point being is that people seem to *expect* us to do everything for them
and that simply isn't going to happen. People need to start standing up for

> From the announcement of the dialin I got the impression that
> the lines were limited and therefore casual observers should
> refrain from calling in so those lines could be used by active committers.

How are we (the PMC) supposed to know what your "impression" is if you don't
speak up?? Are we (the PMC) supposed to be mind readers now?

> A reservation system or even an informal "who's planning on dialing in"
> query on the list before the meeting can give the community and the
> organizers a good feel for whether there is room for casual observers
> or whether more ports are needed.

If you were really concerned and really wanted to listen, you could have
helped coordinate making this happen instead of stating agreement with the
obvious after the fact. <smile> :-)

If a ton of people had actually emailed the list stating that they were
going to participate, I'm sure that we would have found a way to accommodate
as many people as we possibly could have.

Even if you had dialed in and were told to leave because the room was full
or getting full, that would have been more of an attempt to participate than
not dialing in at all.

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