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From Jon Stevens <>
Subject Re: Interceptors
Date Fri, 19 Jan 2001 01:21:36 GMT
on 1/18/01 4:28 PM, "Craig R. McClanahan" <>

> If you change the names and parameter orders a little, you have just quoted
> the
> new api for javax.servlet.Filter in the 2.3 Proposed Final Draft.
> I'd be game to change the Valve APIs to conform to this kind of pattern in a
> 4.1
> timeframe, if people prefer it.  If we're ever going to do this, earlier is
> better
> (before too many valves that have to be changed get created).

I'm almost thinking that this should be done for 4.0 because 4.0 is going to
be implementing the 2.3 spec and having two different filtering mechanism's
doing essentially the same thing doesn't make much sense to me...

Note, I'm not volunteering to scratch this itch...I'm just giving an

Craig, can you make a statement about how hard/timeframe it would be to make
the two different filtering mechanism's match up?



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