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From Amy Roh <>
Subject Re: Forming an opinion
Date Wed, 17 Jan 2001 18:18:08 GMT
I totally agree with Hans.  I attended the meeting yesterday and would hate to
see this kind of misunderstanding. Costin, I really don't think that anyone is
after you personally.  No one is saying that you're a bad person.  I personally
think that the passon you have about what you do is very admirable.  It's just
that the many people in the group are concerned about the main issues that were
discussed in the meeting. (support, bug fixes, etc.)  And I think these concerns
are fair based on the history that I have been told at the meeting.  I hope that
everyone's interest focuses on what's best for this project and how we can make
it better not just on their personal issues.

Warm Regards,

Quoting Hans Bergsten <>:

> wrote:
> > [...]
> > Regarding the PMC meeting - it seems all depends on the support and
> votes
> > that a 3.3 release proposal can get.
> That's exactly right.
> > The main concern ( or at least my understanding of it ) was that 3.3
> > doesn't have enough support, and I'm ... well, you can read Jon's and
> > Pier's postings so far to get a feeling what kind of person I am.
> > [...]
> > P.S. the other conclusion of the PMC ( as I understand it ) was that
> I'm a
> > bad person that can't be trusted, and all work for 3.2 was done by
> Craig
> > alone ( my apologies to  Larry, Henri and Nacho ).
> It saddens me to see this type of comment after the meeting. I'm only
> going to say this once and I will not get into a discussion about it
> again. *No one* has said anything about you being a bad person in these
> discussions, or that the code is bad, or anything like that. As was
> clear in the meeting yesterday, the whole issue is about the fact that
> major refactoring work has continued on the HEAD without a release
> plan and agreed upon goals, and a concern that releasing the result
> without guarantees that there are committers willing to supporting it
> can tarnish Tomcat's reputation. It's *not* personal, it's about
> making sure that the development is done in a way supported by the
> committers in the project and in line with our guidelines.
> Hans
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> Hans Bergsten
> Gefion Software
> Author of JavaServer Pages (O'Reilly),
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