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From "Bucknam, Brian" <>
Subject RE: BugRat #718 -- TagAttributeInfo constructor
Date Tue, 09 Jan 2001 00:59:59 GMT
> Synopsis: 
> TagAttributeInfo constructor signature is incorrect
> Description:
> The constructor's signature is inconsistent with the javadoc. 
> The implementation's signature is 
> TagAttributeInfo(String, boolean, String, boolean)
> The javadoc specifies it as 
> TagAttributeInfo(String, boolean, boolean, String)
> Which one is correct?

This problem recently bit me.  I submitted feedback to
'' and ''.  Eduardo
Pelegri-Llopart [] responded for the JSP
group, and said the (String, boolean, String, boolean) constructor is the
correct one.  I never got a 'real' response from the J2EE group.

As of a few weeks ago on Sun's web site, the JSP 1.1 docs had the (SbSb)
constructor documented, while the J2EE API docs had the (SbbS) version.  As
of today, the J2EE docs on the web site have been updated (although not
including the index) to the (SbSb) version.

Hope it didn't take 'Anonymous' as long to figure this out as it did for me

Brian Bucknam
WebGain, Inc.

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