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From Dan Milstein <>
Subject Re: TOMCAT + mod_jk or mod_webapp
Date Fri, 26 Jan 2001 16:23:22 GMT
Great to hear that you want to contribute some work!

As to mod_jk / TC 4.0, that's a complicated question.  mod_jk is currently used by a lot of
people, and will continue to be for a while (I think), since I expect a lot of people to continue
to be using the 3.x source in the near future.  So any work you do there will definitely be
greatly appreciated.  It's also been around for a while, and isn't changing much day-to-day
(and is thus a good place for you to work).  I am working on an AJP13 connector for TC 4,
which will allow people to use the mod_jk plugin with TC 4.

OTOH, Pier is writing a brand new plugin/protocol/connector for TC 4 (mod_webapp), which promises
some big improvements (mainly in ease of configuration and compliance with the servlet spec).
 It's not clear how mod_jk / mod_webapp will coexist in the future -- personally, I'd like
to see the best pieces from both merge, but I don't know when/if/how that's going to happen.
 If he's interested in help, you could presumably work with him there.

Some questions:

Where in RFC 1867 (which I just spent a while looking through) does it discuss the issues
you mention (early response by the servlet + consumption of the body)?  Or is that in a different
RFC?  Or is it more in the nature of a bug in the current code?  Just so I can understand

Do you have test cases where this fails?  If so, what version of TC, what web server and what
connection protocol (e.g. ajp12, ajp13) were you using?

File Upload was badly broken with mod_jk/ajp13 in both 3.2 and 3.x -- some basic bugs have
been fixed in both of those repositories, but have not yet been released.  Just so you know.

Once I have a better understanding of what you're looking to do, I can help steer you towards
the right place in the mod_jk C code (or the servlet engine-side java code).


Keith Wannamaker wrote:
> Hi,
> I'd like to extend mod_jk to let servlets be RFC 1867 compliant.
> Specifically, when transmitting a (large) body of a request
> on the ajp connection:
>  a) mod_jk should be prepared to receive a response from
>     the servlet at any time during the send of the body; and
>  b) mod_jk should consume the remainder (if any) of the
>     request body if a servlet response is received prior to
>     the completion of the transmission of the body.
> Two question-
>  a) Does anyone have up-front input about making such a change?
>  b) Is there a better place to do the work than on mod_jk in jakarta-tomcat?
>     (ie jakarta-tomcat-4.x?)
> Thanks for the input,
> Keith
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