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From Anil Vijendran <>
Subject Re: Forming an opinion
Date Mon, 22 Jan 2001 21:55:16 GMT
First of, let me apologize for not showing up. IMO, it was an unfortunate thing
that happened and I had to drop my car off (in the morning) and then get it back
as well on the same day (before they close at 5). Regarding most of the actual
issues that got discussed, I was very happy with the kinds of "decisions" that
we reached (during and after my telephonic presence). I'm NOT bringing them up
here. The thing I'm bringing up here is something I'm not sure I can/should
bring up at the PMC.

That said, I don't understand why you bring this up _now_. Are you looking for
something or the other to blame me about? I don't even have an issue with this
-- I accept I messed up by not showing up. This is precisely the thing that
pisses me off -- why are you poking into the reasons why I couldn't show up?
They are personal and it is tough during these times for me to not have a car.
If you really need to know, I can tell you offline how I had to prioritize and
decide against driving down.

If you are tired, filter your mails and don't see any of these threads on you.
I'm tired too, of you kicking, screaming and insulting people.

Jon Stevens wrote:

> Hey Anil,
> I know your car was broken, but you could have gotten a ride to the PMC
> meeting from one or more of the *many* people that you work with who were
> there (James, Pier, Amy, Jim, Costin, Justyi, Craig) and voiced your
> opinions directly instead of attempting to bring them up here after the
> fact.
> As a member of the PMC, you should have been there. Everyone else was and I
> don't think that attending the meeting was an optional thing. In fact, you
> attempted to dial in and then sent me email after having dropped off stating
> that you couldn't hear what people were saying...why didn't you just say
> something? We could have moved the mike closer to people as necessary. We
> didn't know.
> I'm tired of people who can't even bother to participate at the most
> important meeting attempting to censor or control me. That is bullshit.
> thanks,
> -jon
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Peace, Anil +<:-)

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