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From Anil Vijendran <>
Subject Re: Forming an opinion
Date Sun, 21 Jan 2001 07:56:54 GMT
James Duncan Davidson wrote:

> Jon was around since *way* back in Jserv days. Does that make him part of
> the clique? Probably. Face it, cliques happen. Open Source is built on trust
> more than anything else and Jon has built up more Open Source projects than
> I can keep track of.

> I won't ask Jon to stop aring just like I won't ask Costin or Craig. It
> may more may not be constructive, but email is the mechanism that we have
> and flames are par for course. The point at which to ask people to stop is
> when posts cross the line and become "harassment".

Agreed, James. I don't really see anyone question Jon's contributions to ASF or
to open source, in general. Jon is prolific and that's great. But many posts from
Jon "cross the line" and are harrassment. A small bit of toning down would go a
long way.

> > It surprises me that, instead of asking Jon (the PMC member that should set
> > the example) to stop, you are asking me.
> So as a PMC member, he shouldn't voice an opinion? That's akin to what I've
> been told that as PMC chair, I have to put my opinions aside. That of course
> is utter bs. If you're on the PMC, it's because you are supposed to *have*
> an opinion.

Aw jeez. That's not the point :-) Many other PMC members have opinions and
express it and no one has any problems with that. It is the acrimonious tone
(many times with almost no provocation) that is hard to put up with.

Peace, Anil +<:-)

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