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From "Craig R. McClanahan" <>
Subject A Note On The PMC Meeting Outcomes
Date Fri, 19 Jan 2001 00:16:03 GMT
One of the outcomes of the PMC meeting on Tuesday (you will see the minutes
published shortly) involves increasing the amount of open communication on
general Jakarta issues that do not involve a few specific issues that require
confidential discussions.  The forum in which these discussions will be taking
place is the GENERAL@JAKARTA.APACHE.ORG mailing list.  If you are interested in
such issues, I would encourage you to subscribe to this list (send an empty

As examples of this approach, several message threads have been started to
discuss changes and refinements to the voting rules, release planning
requirements, and sharing of code across individual code base subprojects.  If
you care about such issues, be sure to subscribe to GENERAL and participate.

In the past, the GENERAL mailing list has been rather unfocused, and questions
better directed at one of the user lists (like TOMCAT-USER) have been discussed
there.  These types of queries should be (gently :-) redirected to the
appropriate place, so that GENERAL can be used to discuss community-wide issues.

Craig McClanahan

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