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From "Craig R. McClanahan" <>
Subject Re: Interceptors ( was Re: 3.x vs 4.0 architecture Q's
Date Thu, 18 Jan 2001 22:03:50 GMT wrote:

> > Looking at the latest 3.x src drops, there are say ~30 methods in
> > BaseInterceptor, that is access points, into the request chain  / context
> > mapping / session handling etc. This obviously gives a degree of
> Hi Ken,
> All this will be reviewed and documented - if the release proposal is
> accepted. I would really like to have the 3.x Interceptors discussed in
> detail and any sugestion incorporated ( before the proposed beta).
> > control/access to the internals, though does raise the question, how many
> > are enough? Are those enough because they now cover all the functionality a
> > server does? Or will a few extra be needed as time goes on? This seems a
> Apache 1.3 needs about 15, and was able to do everything it does using
> only those.
> Apache 2.0 provides a mechanism to add more - the so-called HOOKS.

One appropriate question to ask yourself, when comparing, is "what does having 15
entry points give me that I cannot get with a single entry point approach"?  If
there is nothing significant, then it would seem cleaner to rely on a
simpler-to-understand approach.

Also, IMHO, copying a web server (written in C, by the way) architecture, in and
of itself, is not a compelling argument to influence the design of a servlet
container written in an object oriented language like Java.  The question is
really "what's in it for Tomcat?".

Craig McClanahan

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