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From Alex Fernández <>
Subject Forming an opinion
Date Wed, 17 Jan 2001 14:32:29 GMT
Hi all!

I've seen a lot of discussion here on Tomcat 3.3 vs 4.0. Without some
knowledge about the inside workings of each version, it's very hard to
follow it -- I mean, find out the actual issues behind the "politics" --
or the politics behind the actual issues.

The article linked by cmanolache, 'Internal Tomcat', is very good IMHO.
But then it's all words; there's nothing like studying the way it's

So I was trying to at least take a look at the code and the way it's
organized. But the link to the 3.x nightly builds is broken, so no code
for 3.3. Do I need CVS to get it? (Don't get used to those weird

And, by the way, has PMC made any important decision about Tomcat 3.3?

Thanks a lot,


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