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From Anil Vijendran <>
Subject Re: [Fwd: Jakarta PMC Meeting Agenda / Info]
Date Tue, 16 Jan 2001 05:51:25 GMT
Jon Stevens wrote:

> on 1/15/01 7:18 PM, "Anil Vijendran" <> wrote:
> > What the f*ck is it, really?!
> The two points I have brought up are:
> #1. that Costin didn't make a vote in the ASF because his boss @ Sun didn't
> let him.
> #2. that his employer also tried to pull him off the project by giving him
> something else to do (which seems to have badly backfired).

Irrelevant nonsense! Costin didn't vote, that's relevant.  Asking him why (beyond
the direct relevance to Tomcat 3.x or 4.0) and sitting around surmising why he
might not have voted or that his employer didn't let him do something or the other
on public mailing lists is slander.

> "What the fuck is it"; is that much of what goes on behind Sun's closed
> doors is a hell of a lot more closed and affective to this project than what
> we (including yourself) discuss on the PMC list.

Useless and irrelevant rants about Sun etc. Typical of your emails.

> I'm sorry that you couldn't read through the cracks well enough. I hope that
> spells it out more clearly for you.

Spells what?!

> > What sort of community are you trying to build out here?
> I really don't understand how you all put up with Costin's FUD and rants
> against Tomcat 4.0 forever now without saying anything and when I speak up
> against continuing Tomcat 3.x indefinitely, suddenly I'm the asshole.

I know you bring up a few valid points. Please stick to it and be sober in your
tone. Talking about someone's mother is just not kosher.

> > Seeing all of this, I don't think I'd be too much off my mark if I suggested
> > that Jon's indiscipline on the mailing lists be discussed at some level or the
> > other. The rest of Apache and this PMC keeping quiet on these sorts of
> > behaviours is only going to exacerbate the notion of the PMC being a clique.
> Are you saying that you are pro-censorship? That people are not allowed to
> express their views however they want? I worry for you as well as the PMC.

Gee thanks for worrying about me. After all those insults that you so gratuitously
heap on people, you ought to worry about yourself and go enroll in Manners 101.

When will you ever get a clue?! I'm not talking about censorship here.

I'm talking about how in the future *I* (and others who might not belong to your
clique, or company) can avoid being called names or insulted in some other way by
*you* because we didn't fall in line with your opinions.

> -jon

Peace, Anil +<:-)

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