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From Anil Vijendran <>
Subject [Fwd: Jakarta PMC Meeting Agenda / Info]
Date Tue, 16 Jan 2001 03:18:39 GMT

Jon Stevens wrote:

> on 1/15/01 5:58 PM, "" <> wrote:
> > The lead developer for Tomcat has disappeared 1 year ago ( from any active
> > development or support in tomcat, he's still around doing other projects
> > ). That's BTW the best prove of a project viability.
> Right and you picked it up as your paid job until you were moved to another
> project within Sun. Since you have been so forward today, would you also
> like to expand on why you were switched over to an XML project internally?

You are supposed to be someone holding a position with some level of
responsibility or the other--PMC, member etc etc. Can't you restrain yourself to
things that are germane to this forum and stop acting like a precocious teen on

By asking what you did here, what are you trying to get at? That you know a bit
more about what Costin's upto than the rest of the world? That you had bugs
planted in Sun that told you why someone was switched to some other project
internally? You want to wash someone else's linen in public? What the f*ck is
it, really?!

> >> I can't get you and Costin to understand what I'm saying, however, you
> >> understand Hans even though he said nearly the same thing that I have been
> >> saying all along.
> >
> > Than maybe it would be a good idea to shut up and let Hans do the talking?
> How should I respond to this, with a comment about your mother or something?

You might have been provoked allright but saying what you do here is nauseating.
What sort of community are you trying to build out here?

Seeing all of this, I don't think I'd be too much off my mark if I suggested
that Jon's indiscipline on the mailing lists be discussed at some level or the
other. The rest of Apache and this PMC keeping quiet on these sorts of
behaviours is only going to exacerbate the notion of the PMC being a clique.

Peace, Anil +<:-)

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