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From "Craig R. McClanahan" <>
Subject Re: [VOTES] Tomcat 4.0-Beta-1 and New CVS Repositories
Date Thu, 04 Jan 2001 00:13:26 GMT
Nacho wrote:

> > (1) Tomcat 4.0 Beta 1
> >
> +1
> >
> > (2) Tomcat 4.1 Repository
> >
> >
> -1
> Please explain what are the problem with branches, i dont see why label
> a branch with tomcat_40 and do 4.1 development in head branch is bad, i
> dont see any desestabilization or such in this way of doing things, i
> want to know why is better to do things in such way, as dont see it very
> explained in the messages of this thread.

Here are at least a few areas I've seen problems when using branches versus
separate repositories:

* Branches are mysterious to CVS newbies, and make
  the learning process that much harder than it needs to be.
  It's also messier for folks (like me) who have to work on
  multiple releases at the same time.

* Branches tend to be less visible to project newcomers --
  for example, anyone who checks out the main branch of
  "jakarta-tomcat" today is going to wonder why it is quite
  different from the 3.2.1 source distribution that he or she
  grabbed off the web site.

* Branches make life harder for "automated check out and build"
  scripts like the one I use to create nightly distros of several of
  the Jakarta packages, and like what Sam Ruby is building at:

  You have to make special provisions in scripts like this to check
  out branches other than the main one, which makes them more
  fragile and error-prone.

On the other hand, a separate repository causes no problems that I've
experienced, and avoids all of the issues listed above.

> >
> > (3) New "jakarta-servletapi-4.0" CVS Repository
> >
> +1 perhaps it's more clean "jakarta-servletapi-4.X"

But didn't you just argue for *not* splitting the jakarta-tomcat-4.0
repository?  :-)

I'm fine with a suffix of "4.X" (or maybe just "4"), since the spec revs won't
change through the life of Tomcat 4.x.

> Saludos ,
> Ignacio J. Ortega


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