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From GOMEZ Henri <>
Subject RE: Call for volunteers
Date Fri, 19 Jan 2001 16:42:59 GMT
>1. Bug fixes. At least 3 commiters will volunteer to integrate 
>the patches
>that are sent and do fixes them-self.


>2. Bug reports/verification: we have a large number of bug reports,
>most of them against previous versions of tomcat. We need 
>people to look at the bugs, try to reproduce them in the proposed 3.3, try
to fix
>them. If possible, we need a simple reproduction code that can 
>be added to the regression suite.

+0 (mod_jk)

>4. Testing/Building/mod_jk: If you use tomcat with a web 
>server, we need
>help making sure it works fine and eventually getting a 
>compiled version
>of mod_jk for your platform ( if you use a "special" OS or 
>configuration ).

+1 (+ packaging RPM)

>5. Testing your application with tomcat :-) ( this is probably a better
>and more important test than our regression )


>7. User support/documentation: If you managed to get tomcat3 
>working, you may be able to help others and reduce the load on commiters.



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