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From Bernd Eilers <>
Subject Re: Forming an opinion
Date Thu, 18 Jan 2001 13:28:03 GMT

Hi there !

> How about splitting this list into two lists:
> tomcat-dev for those interested in seeing
> the development of Tomcat advance and
> tomcat-flames for those arguing all the time
> about nothing relevant ;-)

Well as I do not have commiter status this doesn't count but:


Reason: splitting the list is better for following the technical 
discussion. The alternative would be that some people on this list might 
get more and more into personal mail-kill-file rules of readers although 
they might 'also' have some intresting technical suggestions and 

I think that the most important thing of the implementation itself is 
compliance to open standards and thus I would also like to suggest to add 
more references to relevant RFC's involved and similar technical 
background material to the web pages. 


rfc2616 Hypertext Transfer Protocol -- HTTP/1.1
rfc2617 HTTP Authentication: Basic and Digest Access Authentication
rfc2518 HTTP Extensions for Distributed Authoring – WEBDAV.


And is obviously 
missing a link to ;-)

Having guidelines and roles is a good thing for such a project, but 
compared to the amount of technical background information the jakarta 
webpage and this list contains to much of that stuff.

As a regular reader of this list I would be much happier to see a 
discussion about which concepts of both currently available development 
tracks are usesful to be merged into one of the next main tracks than 
endless discussions about nameing things. Guys most of us on this list 
should be developers not marketing managers, please create a separate 
lists for people to discuss things like 'That graphic doesn't look good' 
and 'Mother that bad boy has shown me his tongue' as most readers here do 
not care much about such 'importent' problems. Oh by the way: What about 
using not tomcat-sandbox ?

Back to the technical questions:

Are there any plans to integrate something like the 3.x ServletFacade 
mechanism into the 4.x track , or is there already something like that ?

> Regards,
> Gummi Haf

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