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From Bernd Eilers <>
Subject Re: Webdav Servlet
Date Wed, 17 Jan 2001 13:41:50 GMT

> Hi,

Hi there !

> today I looked through the webdav servlet. Now I have two questions: On
> an OPTIONS request the header is not containing the "MS-Author-Via: DAV"
> line. 

I just had a brief look at

and guess what I could not find any reference for an "MS-Author-Via: DAV"
HTTP header field being required by a WebDAV implementation.

Could you please provide a reference to where in the WebDAV related 
standards this has been defined ?

Section 9.1 of rfc2518 though very clearly describes a required DAV: 
Header that could be used by WebDAV clients to detect wether a resource 
is a WebDAV resource.

> So the MS webdav tools will try the frontpage extensions first.

That's a problem of the MS webdav tools, not using the "DAV:" header for 
detection but instead expecting a Microsoft Products only non 
standardized header parameter, isn't it ?

> If this header line would be added to (unneeded) requests would be 

> [...]

> Bye,
> Ulf


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