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From "David Weinrich" <>
Subject Re: The case of the disappearing webapps...
Date Sat, 20 Jan 2001 00:33:49 GMT
Ok, I think I have found the problem, and I am guessing the following is

19-Jan-2001 15:10:44 StandardHost[localhost]: Undeploying web application at
context path /struts-test
19-Jan-2001 15:10:44 StandardHost[localhost]: Removing expanded directory

 * the container is trying to undeploy the application
   ( hey I didn't even know this happened ;) because it was
   deployed from a .war file.

19-Jan-2001 15:10:44 HostConfig[localhost] Error undeploying web application
at context path /struts-test Cannot delete file
 at org.apache.catalina.core.StandardHost.remove(

 * Win2k is not allowing the container to delete a library file
   that it thinks is currently in use ( struts.jar in this case ).

19-Jan-2001 15:11:06 StandardHost[localhost]: Deploying web application at
context path /struts-test from URL

  * catalina finds the struts-test directory and doesn't re-deploy the
    application from the .war file.

If I shutdown, delete the expanded directories, and restart, the .war files
deploy normally:

19-Jan-2001 15:56:26 StandardHost[localhost]: Recording expanded app at path
19-Jan-2001 15:56:26 StandardHost[localhost]: Deploying web application at
context path /struts-upload from URL
19-Jan-2001 15:56:26 StandardHost[localhost]:
19-Jan-2001 15:56:26 StandardHost[localhost]:   Proposed directory name:

I will try to dig into this more later tonight/this weekend. Any
further hints/ideas would be appreciated :)

David Weinrich

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