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From "David Weinrich" <>
Subject The case of the disappearing webapps...
Date Sat, 20 Jan 2001 00:13:38 GMT
I have some weird behavior with tomcat-4.x ( both 4.0 and 4.1 from cvs ) 
if I do the following:

  * place a .war file in the webapps directory ( in this case the 
    struts .war files ).
  * startup catalina normally...everything works fine.
  * shutdown catalina.
  * startup catalina again normally.

the expanded directories corresponding to the .war files 
now are missing all content...the only things that remain 
are the *.xml and *.tld files in the WEB-INF directory.
  I haven't yet submitted a bug report, as I wanted to make 
sure this wasn't a known-issue and possibly locate the 
source of the problem first. Has anyone else had this 
problem or anything like it yet?

David Weinrich

note: the system this is running on is Win2k and jdk/jre 1.3

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