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From "Allen Akers" <>
Subject Class reloading problems
Date Tue, 19 Dec 2000 15:44:55 GMT
I saw a message on here a while back about problems with class reloading
for accessory classes within a context, but never saw a resolution for
the problem.  I am having this problem currently when trying to save an
object to the servlet context for use by multiple servlets.  When the
class is changed and recompiled, I get ClassCastExceptions on every
subsequent attempt to retrieve it due to the use of a new Classloader
and Tomcat has to be restarted to resolve this problem.  I was hoping to
find someone else who had resolved this problem before I started going
about researching it any further.  Thanks.

               Allen Akers
               Programmer Analyst
               Strategic Web and Voice Development

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