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Subject Re: TC 4.0 vs. TC 3.x and division of labor
Date Wed, 27 Dec 2000 20:59:44 GMT
> Jon Stevens wrote:
> >
> > Thus, the *only* reason why 3.2 got released was
> > because Craig finally stood up and did a 3.2
> > release. Where was Mr. Costin during this time?
> Likely waiting for the release manager at the time (me) to do his job.
> Craig indicated at the time that he was able to get relief from his
> employer to spend work time on putting out the 3.2 release - something we
> all very much appreciate.

Thanks Sam, but it's a bit more than that.

Nacho and Larry and Henri did most of the hard work in maintaining 3.2, 
and it is a _team_ effort. Sam acted as a release manager - doing build
after build, as he was supposed to do. Tomcat 3.2 is not _my_ product, but 
_our_ product, and I think _we_ did a good job overall.

I wrote _a_lot__ of the code that went into 3.2, and I did more work
than you can imagine, Jon. I did that even if I had a job that is not
tomcat, but xml-xalan. 

After 3.2 was frozen I had far more work than I could handle with xalan
and jaxp ( thanks to Scott for helping me so much ), and the little free
time I got was put into finishing what I started - the refactoring of
tomcat3, making it _elegant_ and  _fast_ .. 

In any case - this is not about me, but about tomcat. I do my best to
improve tomcat, if that's not enough for you - I'm sorry. 


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