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Subject Re: Code review and opens ource development
Date Fri, 08 Dec 2000 19:12:37 GMT
Hi Roy,

> I know what code review means in a more-or-less standard setting, but 
> what does/should it mean for open source development? Is or isn't it 
> happening with TC?

I think "code review" have a different meaning in "open source" and
"corporate" environment. 

There are 2 "modes" - one is "review-then-commit" and the other is
"commit-then-review". We are using the second ( for development ), and we
should use the first in "beta" mode ( after a freeze ).

"Review-then-commit" means all changes must receive 2 +1s before beeing
commited. That guarantee that at least 2 other commiters are reading the
diff. ( and of course, anyone can -1 it ). 

"Commit-then-review" is what happens on development mode - every commiter
can do any changes he wants, and other commiters are supposed to read the
code. If anyone has a problem with the change ( and sends a -1) the change
must be rolled back ( by author ).

I don't know how many commiters are indeed reading the commit messages - I
try to  do it and my guess/hope is that at least 2-3 other people are
doing the same thing. 

Another issue is the review of the existing code - where people are
reading the code and send comments / fixes. This happens all the time in
most open source projects, and it seems tomcat is not an exception.


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