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Subject RE: RPM for jakarta/xml apaches projects
Date Mon, 04 Dec 2000 19:02:39 GMT
> /opt is reserved ReadOnly on many systems. Debian boys told me that
> packages should go to /var/xxxxx and java stuff /usr/share/java .
> Java software on Linux is not really standard now. 

What about spliting the package - /opt/tomcat for the JARs,
/var/log/tomcat for tomcat logs, /home/httpd/webapps for webapps ?

It would be nice to have a standard - what are the options ( i.e. what 
rules does RedHat/Debian/etc follow ? )

In our case we should also look at how Apache is installed, since we have
to integrate with it - the webapps should sit close to the static pages
( is it /home/httpd or /var/httpd ? ). 

Not an easy task you have, Henri :-)

> The .spec file included is a little outdated (date from TC 3.1 I think)
> The others stuff is logrotate and init stuff. Usefull things when in
> productions ;-)

Yes, I know. Can you update them / check the new stuff in ?


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