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From "Alexandre A. Drummond Barroso" <>
Subject RE: bug # 527
Date Tue, 05 Dec 2000 20:29:04 GMT
Just clarifying some things:
- Windows 98 Control Panel doesn't have System/Environment to set environment variables, if
you want some environment variable
available to every windows task you must set this on AUTOEXEC.BAT (yes the old batch file
;). If you set an environment variable
inside a command window it affects just that process (just a copy of the main environment

- To solve the 'Out of Environment Space' error you must edit CONFIG.SYS (again, the old MS-DOS
not so defunct operating system
presence). You must add the following line:
please replace C:\COMMAND.COM to the correct location if you moved COMMAND.COM to another
location. The "/E:8192" allocates 8k to be
used by environment variables. The maximum allowed is 32k (35736). The last parameter, "/P",
is used to make this COMMAND.COM
instance resident in memory and owner of main environment space (from which every process
receives a copy).

-----Original Message-----
From: Ashutosh Aman []
Sent: Tuesday, December 05, 2000 5:18 PM
Subject: bug # 527

There is a bug in the bug reporting system. WorkAround and how to reproduce
did not appear with my submission. Here is the description:
how to reproduce
Install tomcat on windows98 and try to run using startup.bat file.
Include the following line in startup.bat as the first executable line.
set TOMCAT_HOME=C:\Tomcat32, where C:\Tomcat32 is the directory in which
Tomcat is installed.

Include the following line in tomcat.bat as the first executable line.
set JAVA_HOME=C:\jdk1.3  (C:\jdk1.3 is path to jdk installation)
set TOMCAT_HOME=C:\Tomcat32 (c:\Tomcat32 is path to tomcat installation)

Please make sure that in following releases of Tomcat, startup.bat and
tomcat.bat are created with above modifications.

To cover 'Out of Environment Space' error
do the following:
Open a MS-DOS window
Click on top left corner of window
Select properties option
click on memory tab
Adjust the initial Environment drop-down box from Auto to 2816
Click OK
Close the window
Start the server again.

please include this instructions in future releases as it consumed one whole
day of mine trying to set up and run tomcat on windows 98.

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