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From Mikael Helbo Kjær <>
Subject RE: [MY_OPINION] Tomcat 3.x
Date Tue, 19 Dec 2000 10:04:55 GMT
>TC 4.0 appears to be more a Sun Project (core developpers are all Sun)
>than an Apache Project. 

It is run under Apache rules and I haven`t seen anywhere that the votes of
the 3.X committers count less than the 4.0 committers, so it`s still

>TC 3.3 is now the only tomcat opensource project in spirit since
>all the developpers (non Sun) could spend the same (few) time on the

There is no reason to flame the Tomcat 4.0 developers like that. I`m sure
that they`re open for commits from developers outside Sun (In fact I am
sure, because most of the people from Sun working here has a rep for being
proopen source), because it would make their life much easier. And if there
is a problem, then the Apache Project as a whole is sure to react (not to
mention the very bad PR it would be for Sun in these pro open source days,
when they`re even making Star Office into Open Office).

>Hey Sam (Rubys) what's the IBM position on this project ?
>Did there is a kind of Yalta on ApacheGroup and who do what :
>IBM == and SUN ==

First of all is in no way IBM only (not even Xerces or Xalan
are IBM only), and they are more than happy to let people into the codebase
and development process. I was there, when the Spinnaker/Xerces 2 thing went
down, and It was NOT a coup attempt by Sun only a miscalculation and wrong
phrased letter by James Duncan Davidson, but it changed things, Xerces-J 2
got started and the IBM guys became more open (even if only a little). And
then there is the Batik project or the Cocoon effort (which is by far more
promising than most open source projects which is too often only
reimplementations of commercial stuff)

My opinion is that most people who have time, and has a pain in the butt
about Sun dominating the Tomcat 4.0 effort should get off it and go help and
make it more of a community effort, if nothing else that will show that Sun
isn`t in control but instead the community is. In the end all they have to
remember is that all internal (on-site) discussion should be taken up with
the community and from what I have seen that is a problem at some point or
another on every open source project (of course that is also a problem in
every software development situation, communication between all engineers is

Mikael Helbo Kjær
Software Developer @ DIA a/s

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