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From Miles Sabin <>
Subject RE: WML Generation from JSP broken!!!!
Date Thu, 14 Dec 2000 15:09:48 GMT
Nathan Abramson wrote,
> I don't think it should be done through a server's MIME type 
> mapping - that means that someone writing a web app needs to 
> know about the mappings installed on the target server, which 
> makes the web app less portable.

Hmm ... not convinced.

I'd have thought that configuring MIME types essential for the
operation of a JSP engine would be an basic part of the
installation of said engine. If that can't be done there's a
problem with the install mechanism, or the host server (or its 

> Another approach is to declare each document's type in the 
> web.xml, or to declare categorization rules in web.xml (e.g., 
> XMLJSP == *.[jspx|jsx]), but that seems much clumsier to me.

Well, this is as near as makes no difference to specifying a MIME 
mapping in web.xml.

> Is there anything wrong with going by extension?  I'll bet 
> that's what a lot of tools are starting to do anyway, so we 
> might as well standardize it...

File extensions aren't more portable than MIME types, quite the 
reverse ... ie. some platforms don't use them at all (albeit a 
very small minority of those platforms which which are Servlet/JSP 
capable). And even where they are used there are issues with case-
sensitivity (ie. .JSP in the file system might be equivalent to 
.jsp on one platform but not on another).



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