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From Miles Sabin <>
Subject RE: WML Generation from JSP broken!!!!
Date Thu, 14 Dec 2000 14:14:02 GMT
Tom Reilly wrote,
> It seems to me there are a couple solutions:
> 1) look for jsp:root
> 2) use DOCTYPE
> 3) based it on file extension
> I don't like 1 because it adds overhead to the translation 
> process, and you have to deal with cases like: <%-- jsp:root 
> --%>
> I don't like 2 because if your JSP page is generating XML and 
> you want to output a DOCTYPE then you have a collision.
> So that leaves 3 which I like the best.  A good standard default 
> would be "jspx".  Of course most app servers allow this to be 
> customized.  I also like this because then different filters can 
> be assigned to JSP pages written in XML and plain old JSP pages.

Yes and no. I agree that it'd be a mistake to handle this by
inspecting the contents of the document, but I don't think file
extensions are quite the right way to go.

We should do it based on MIME type, and allow servers to use their
existing file extension to MIME type mapping mechanisms to do the

What is the mime type for an XML-syntax JSP doc?
application/jsp+xml or text/jsp+xml would seem to be the most
likely candidates ... presumably they'd need to be registered.



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