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From "Bergquist, Brett" <>
Subject Re: An open letter to 3 developers
Date Tue, 19 Dec 2000 19:09:04 GMT
I'm using TC3.x as the backend for an network management system that we
ship/sell/give away with our equipment.  I too, will be looking to TC4.x in
the future, but at this time, I have a vested interest in TC3.x and would
like to see it improved as far a stability and robustness and performance,
and not necessarily new features.  I've submitted only one patch to this
list, dealing with the jk_nt_service, but I feel that I can do more.  
One area that I would like to look at is in enhancing the logging facilities
that TC3.x uses.  From both a developer's and user's point of view, the
logging features/controls/outputs that TC3.x uses and provides is very
difficult to understand.  In looking at the source, there seems to be
differing standards on what needs to be logged, and what logging settings
are enabled to do so.   One of the ideas that I have is to revamp the
logging of TC3.x  to use the open source Log4j package.  This package
provides a nice API, low overhead, and a very flexible output scheme that
can be customized by the user.  I'd also like to look at standardizing and
documenting the possible logging configuration for the various TC3.x
Therefore, I am offering my time and talent to this project.
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From: Ted Husted < <>> 
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Sent: Tuesday, December 19, 2000 12:20 PM 
Subject: Re: An open letter to 3 developers 

> It seems to me that the core issue is that 
> * TC3.x will need more committers if it is going to remain viable once
> TC4 is released.
> If you believe in Costin and TC3.x, then the thing to do is jump-in and
> earn your committer's badge, so you will have a binding vote.
> If you are willing to join Costin at SourceForge later, then join him
> here now (and maybe the SourceForge exodus won't happen). 
> If you are not ready to write code yet, then start documenting the code
> as you learn it, and post it as you go, so others can follow your lead.
> (Which I'm doing on another project.)
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