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From Jon Stevens <>
Subject Re: TC 4.0 vs. TC 3.x and division of labor
Date Thu, 28 Dec 2000 18:42:07 GMT
on 12/27/2000 5:23 PM, "Casper Gjerris" <> wrote:

> In the last 80 days you have done 6 commits but send 153 other mails. Even
> though many of them where ok, many of them where negative and nonconstructive,
> like "I keep looking at this code and realizing how bad it is. :-(" and so on.
> I don't see you are doing much good for the Jakarta projekt rigth now.
> Please change track: Make code not war :-).

The Jakarta Project is more than just Tomcat. This is clearly stated on the
homepage in case you missed it.

So, to clarify what I do all day. Lets see, I'm involved, as a committer,
with the following OSS projects (that I could think of off the top of my
head...there are definitely more):

1.  Tomcat 3.x
2.  Tomcat 4.x
3.  Turbine
4.  ECS
5.  JServ
6.  Velocity
7.  Anakia
8.  Regexp
9.  ORO
10. Village
11. Town
12. Jyve
13. Ant
14. Scarab

Not to mention that I'm the person who is also responsible for recently
updating the Jakarta website to be based on some pretty cool (IMHO) XML
technologies that I came up with (Anakia).

Have a wonderful day.


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