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From James Duncan Davidson <>
Subject Tomcat 4 vs Tomcat 3 Discussions
Date Thu, 28 Dec 2000 08:22:47 GMT

I think that this has gone about as far as it can productively go in email.
I'd like to ask *all* participants in this discussion to cool it until
Tuesday January 16th when you can voice your opinions at the Jakarta PMC

Normally, I would prefer to actually try to reach some sort of resolution
via email as that is what typically works for this community. However, it is
clear from the length of time that these threads have been going on that it
isn't going to happen. It's time to get out the not very used "the buck
stops here" PMC big stick.

The meeting will be in the Bay Area. Details will follow a bit closer to
time as will an overall agenda. However, this topic will be one of the big
agenda items and we *will* address it at that meeting even if we are
ordering in Chinese food for dinner and pizza for a  midnight snack.

Until then I'd like to request that both sides draw a line, stay to their
side of the road, do their thing, and figure out what they want to say at
that meeting.

James Duncan Davidson
Jakarta PMC Chairman

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