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From "Pier P. Fumagalli" <>
Subject Re: [MY_OPINION] Tomcat 3.x
Date Thu, 21 Dec 2000 10:39:03 GMT
Sam Ruby <> wrote:
> GOMEZ Henri wrote:
>> I remember the hard discution about spinaker on xerces
>> mailing-list and IBM became more open after Sun position.
>> But in the Tomcat case we have Sun on one side and
>> individuals on the others.
>> Not really the same condition. Hello Sam ?-)
> Tomcat 3.0 was clearly a Sun project.  Most of the design discussions were
> held in conference rooms in Sun.  The release was made with virtually no
> prior discussion on the mailing list (remember sideswiped?).

And we, as the newly formed Apache Software Foundation, accepted that code
in donation as a point of start for the Jakarta Project. I was there, in
that meeting room, that day when we outlined how the process would have
evolved, with Jon, Stefano and Brian. And I was there, on stage at JavaONE,
when Patricia Sueltz announced the spinoff of the project againg with Jon,
Stefano and Brian. If that has been a wrong decision, we four are the people
to blame...

> Fairly or unfairly, a number of Sun people felt excluded from participating
> in Xerces.

That's a slightly different thing, but again is not Sun or IBM to blame, is
the people behind that thing (oh shit, I'm one of them! Again!)

> None of this is the case for any current release of Tomcat.  In particular,
> I personally do not feel like I am being denied an opportunity to
> contribute to Tomcat 3.2.2, 3.3, or 4.0.

And let's consider that Catalina is the good old Apache-JServ 2.0 who was
never released... I believe that for all of us who started this thing
Catalina is our little child. At that time none of us were paid to work on
Servlet Engines, what happened later has a very small relevance...

> Yes, many of the people working on Catalina are employed by Sun.  Arguably,
> in many cases (including Craig), they are employed by Sun because they work
> on Catalina, not the other way around.

Yes, I now work at Sun, and let me tell you guys, it's fucking fun. I'm not
working there because I like Sun, or I'm a Sun fanatic. Yes, I use Solaris,
but I'd rather work at Apple if it was for my preference. They were simply
the right kids with the right offer at the right time... Can you blame Sun
for that? I can't, they saved my butt as an Open Source developer, paying me
to work on what I wanted to (shit, why Apple is not interested in Tomcat?)

And let me tell you that hiring me and Craig was probably their worst
mistake, as we don't shut up and say "yes" to whatever our managers say.
Actually, it's all the way around, we make so much noise that Jim sometimes
hates us :) :) We're open source developers first...


Pier Fumagalli  <>  <>

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