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From Jon Stevens <>
Subject Re: Tomcat 4.0 build process feedback
Date Sat, 02 Dec 2000 07:55:50 GMT
on 12/1/2000 8:23 PM, "Sam Ruby" <> wrote:

> I tried to do a build of jakarta-tomcat-4.0 using the instructions in the
> README.txt, and taking the option of building dependencies from source
> whenever that option was available.
> *  When downloading the JMX extensions, downloading the JMX Instrumentation
> Reference Implementation is not sufficient, one must download the JMX
> Instrumentation AND AGENT Reference Implementation.

Now, if only these were already included in the download...:-)

> *  You can not simply extract the latest jakarta-regexp from source and
> build it and expect to use the results to build Tomcat 4.0.  The reason
> is that the tomcat build process hardcodes a dependency on precisely
> version 1.1 of that library.  IMHO, the way this jar file is named by
> the build process of the jakarta-regexp process makes this harder than
> it needs to be.  Meanwhile, the tomcat build scripts should provide some
> means to override the name of the jar file.  (Alternately, one could
> provide instructions to specify -Dversion=1.1 on the build of regexp).

If the right jakarta-regexp-1.1.jar was included in the Tomcat download, it
wouldn't have mattered what version you had on your disk. :-) You would have
also known that Tomcat was tested with that version of jakarta-regexp by the

> *  If you wish to get a source distribution of the jakarta-servletapi-4.0,
> it should be noted that the name of the project is jakarta-servletapi,
> not jakarta-servletapi-4.0, and the tag to specify is SERVLET_23_JSP_12.

Uh, it is noted.

"jakarta-servletapi (request branch SERVLET_23_JSP_12 to get the Servlet 2.3
and JSP 1.2 API classes)"

> *  In order to do a dist build, one must do a build of deploy-main.
> IMHO,this prereq should be encoded in the build.xml file.

+1. Send a patch. :-)


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