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From Remy Maucherat <>
Subject RE: Fuck It.
Date Thu, 21 Dec 2000 22:07:14 GMT
Quoting Nacho <>:

> Please be carefull when you write something about anybody, have a look
> at commits please... Henri, P. Delisle and I are the only ones here
> that
> had contribute to ALL present versions of Tomcat, *ALL* dont forget
> that, and i feel involved on ALL of them, if this is a waste of my poor
> capacities , well no problem i do with my time what i want , i do not
> admit opinions on that..

Yes, that's 100% true. I can't figure out why Pier included you in this.

> You were kids, are kids,
> and will be kids, regardles of your age, if
> you
> continue playing with invaluable items as is the confidence of your
> people ( as i am like it or not, i'm in your side dont forget that ).
> And you are losting my confidence with every flame you put in public
> lists. We are all here for another reason that hear you scream.
> I'm too old ( 35 FYI ) to believe that the volume of your voice gives
> you more reason than i have, no.
> I believe that architecture of 3.3 is right one. Why we are not talking
> about that ? because there arent technical arguments against my
> believes
> ? are you truly sure that tomcat 4.0 is right when perfomace comes to
> discussion ?

As far as I know, someone has still to point out why Catalina would be 
inherently slower than TC 3. I really can't figure that out.

Is it the intuitive feeling that C-style design + C looking code performs 
faster that object oriented code with a nice design ?

I don't see any optimization in TC 3 which couln't be intrduced in Catalina, 
whether it's the delayed char conversion or the recyclable buffers.


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