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From Gomez Henri <>
Subject Re: Tomcat RPMs
Date Thu, 14 Dec 2000 23:29:05 GMT
> I've been experimenting with your RPM files (and considering replacing
> my custom-built ones with yours), and it looks like you set things up
> in
> a directory tree that makes a lot of sense if you're coming from a
> RedHat environment as I am.


> One thing I did with my RPMs though, was to execute the tomcat
> processes
> as the user "nobody", just as Apache does.  Have you considered
> changing
> the owner on key directories such as /var/tomcat/work, etc. to support
> this?  I think the only other thing you'd have to do is change the
> rc.d/init.d/tomcat script to do a "su" command.  What do you think?

Yes I allready think that it's a bad thing that tomcat run as root user. Since 
it listen on non reserved port it could be run by nobody.
I'd like to have the opinion of Costin, Craig and others Unix users but I could 
modify easily my RPM to use nobody ;-)

> Thanks,
> Greg Bailey

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