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From Remy Maucherat <>
Subject Re: Benchmarks: Catalina M5 vs. Apache 1.3.12
Date Tue, 05 Dec 2000 21:14:31 GMT
Quoting Jason Brittain <>:

> I wrote up a text file about benchmarking and comparing Tomcat-4.0-M5 
> (pre-release)
> and Apache 1.3.12.  It's attached to this message.  I wrote it for 
> anyone who is interested
> (even non-Java-saavy people) to know how the raw content serving 
> performance of
> Catalina and its built-in web server compares to that of Apache 1.3.12. 
> It contains lots of
> information to help people understand some of the important differences
> between the two
> servers.
> Feedback, flames, reproduced test results, etc. are welcome!  :)

I'm glad it's not too bad (right now the static file serving is very badly
optimized). There are some optimizations in, but we also do lots of unnecessary
IO operations for each request.
We won't do further optimizations on this before TC 4.0 is released, because we
might get rid of the whole resources package after 4.0 (more on this after M5 is


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