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From Barbara Nelson <>
Subject Re: Tomcat 3.2 - Default web.xml not being read
Date Thu, 14 Dec 2000 18:28:32 GMT
> web.xml is no longer used/supported in 3.2.
> The main reason - the code that merged the "default" web.xml with the
> application web.xml was very bad, slow and hard to maintain. It was
> commented out until someone wants to fix it. 
> A second reason - probably more important from a user perspective - is
> that it direct user to un-portable web applications. If you want your
> application to be portable ( i.e. to be able to take it and deploy it on a
> different container ) you need to have all the mappings, etc in your
> application web.xml file. As long as you use the "default" web.xml your
> application can't be portable.
> In addition, there was no rule about the interaction between setting in
> the application web.xml and the server web.xml - it just happen based on
> hacks in the code.
> A third reason is the fact that tomcat already has a configuration file -
> server.xml, and it's confusing to use 2 different styles, and server.xml
> has far more options on setting the server. 
> To add another argument here, one idea in tomcat is that the server
> shouldn't depend on any particular cofiguration file format - it should be
> possible to embed tomcat in an application using JNDI or windows registry
> for configuration, and tomcat shouldn't require any special configuration
> file. Web.xml was a big obstacle for this. ( if you look at EmbededTomcat,
> it is possible to start tomcat without any configuration file at all,
> using only API calls. If we would use web.xml then this will become
> much harder or impossible )
> Costin

Given that the default web.xml is not being read, how do you enable Jikes as
the JspCompiler?  That setting used to be in web.xml.  What's the syntax to
specify it in server.xml, or did we lose this functionality for Tomcat 3.2?
(If so, could it be put back, or define a syntax in server.xml for it?).


Barbara Nelson.

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