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From Stefán F. Stefánsson <>
Subject RE: 3.x submitters [was RE: [MY_OPINION] Tomcat 3.x]
Date Wed, 20 Dec 2000 09:56:41 GMT
Hi Marc.

First I wanted to start off by wishing you the best of luck as a
committer.  I'm very happy to see you take the time to volunteer for

I just have a little question about section 2.  There you say that
"EmbededTomcat doesn't work at all".  What do you mean?  I'm using it in
a product here (which is not out yet so we don't have any credits
anywhere, Jon... I'll make sure that's fixed ASAP though) and it works
fine... It took a lot of effort though... one of which is to play around
with policy files.  I agree that it needs cleaning up and more/better
documentation but I wouldn't go as far as to say that it doesn't work.

Could I take a look at your EmbededTomcat class?  What I'm mostly
worried about are the addCustomEndpoint additions I made to the class,
you're not gonna take those out are you.... *shiver* ;o)

Kind regards and thanks again!
	Stefan Freyr

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From: Marc Saegesser []
Sent: 19. desember 2000 17:05
Subject: 3.x submitters [was RE: [MY_OPINION] Tomcat 3.x]


I'm willing to volunteer my time and effort to help out with maintenance
3.x.  We are embedding Tomcat 3.2.x into our product so I have a vested
interest in making sure that the 3.2.x product is stable and robust.

I've submitted a few patches in the last month or so (and gotten a
accepted and committed).  I've also been actively trying to help people
TOMCAT-USER with problems related to IIS integration and the
isapi_redirector as these are the areas that I've focused on most.
There are currently a few items left in 3.2.x that I'd like to address:

1)  The long delay required to initialize SecureRandom causes the first
access to a web app to take a significant amount of time.  I posted a
to address this but I admit that it touches a few more classes then I
have liked.  If anyone has other ideas or comments I'd like to hear
2)  The EmbededTomcat class doesn't work at all.  I used it as an
example to
develop my own and I'd like to merge those changes back into the Tomcat
3)  The isapi_redirect.dll is very brittle.  Very small and (based on
questions posted to TOMCAT-USER) very common configuration mistakes
failures that are difficult to diagnose.

At some point I want to look into Tomcat 4.x, but for the near future my
focus must be on the 3.2.x product.  If I can help maintain this release
free up other developer's time for 4.x please let me know.

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From: Craig R. McClanahan []
Sent: Monday, December 18, 2000 8:01 PM
Subject: Re: [MY_OPINION] Tomcat 3.x

Of course, these problems are fixable if we had more committers ...
ones interested in applying bug fixes to the current production release
it stable and appropriate for production deployments.

(NOTE:  Anyone who receives committer status gets commit access on all
of all the project's CVS repositories.)


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