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From "Bucknam, Brian" <>
Subject RE: Jasper Compiler -- when things go really wrong
Date Thu, 21 Dec 2000 01:28:17 GMT wrote regarding JspFactory problems:
> We're using Jasper (for a number of reasons) inside Weblogic, and have
> similar problems [JspFactory.getDefaultFactory() fails, or 
> factory.getPageContext() fails] intermittently -- usually at startup or
> during heavy load testing. I put a JspFactory.setDefaultFactory(....) call
> in our code to try to force Jasper (rather than allow Weblogc to sneak in
> ), but I don't like the solution. Do you have any more details on why this
> occurs? We haven't had time to find a better solution.

Part of our solution, which seems to work on WebLogic, is to make a 'facade'
JspFactory and install it as the default factory.

This factory's job is to somehow detect whether it is receiving a request
from you, or if the request is just a generic JSP request for WebLogic.  If
it is for you, it does what you want.  If generic, it passes on the request
to the WebLogic factory that it obtained by calling getDefaultFactory() when
it was created.

This is pretty easy -- a JspFactory only has 3 or 4 methods that you have to

Brian Bucknam
WebGain, Inc.

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