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From Kief Morris <>
Subject Re: Session Serialize code
Date Fri, 29 Dec 2000 22:38:53 GMT
Jon Stevens typed the following on 12:16 PM 12/29/2000 -0800
>on 12/29/2000 6:59 AM, "Matthew Dornquast" <> wrote:
>> Anyway, use this method, and you've got lean mean serialized objects that
>> take up the least amount of space possible and have the lowest overhead to
>> serialize/deserialize.
>However, you need to remember that the only time you should be hitting this
>code is during development. :-) Therefore, speed isn't necessarily an issue
>if it is still happening in just a few seconds (or less). 

I can see this being used for fault tolerance. If your servlet engine crashes,
or if you have to restart it for some reasons, your users' sessions don't need 
to be lost.

>Therefore, I'm
>also not sure if it is worth going the extra distance of having to implement
>Externalizable for all your objects that you place into the Session (except
>for the fact that you made it easy with your example class <smile>).

Sounds like this is a good candidate for a separate Store class (for Catalina
at least).


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