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From Glenn Nielsen <>
Subject Re: Feature Request
Date Fri, 29 Dec 2000 01:28:20 GMT
Jon Stevens wrote:
> on 12/28/2000 2:25 PM, "Glenn Nielsen" <> wrote:
> > This would be way down on my list of priorities for a Jakarta project.
> It doesn't have to be a Jakarta Project. I never suggested that.
> > If I needed mod_rewrite for testing I would install Apache on my local
> > development system.  Why "reinvent the wheel" just for testing.
> It wasn't just testing. It was development as well. If your development
> environment depends on certain paths that are setup through mod_rewrite,
> then what are you going to do? You are going to also add a requirement for
> Apache and therefore complicate things more.
> > Besides, I would still want to test the stuff developed locally on
> > Apache with mod_rewrite before putting it in production.  If it has
> > Apache dependencies, I would develop using Apache.
> Point being that creating a sandbox for developers where the developer has
> to setup and configure (or the sandbox does) an environment with both Apache
> and Tomcat is sometimes a more daunting task than simply running Tomcat and
> doing development locally with the built in Tomcat httpd.
> Again, right now, you can check Scarab out of CVS. Execute a script
> and then run Tomcat. Nothing other than an installed JDK is needed. I want
> to continue that AND still allow people to have mod_rewrite abilities within
> Tomcat without having to add an extra requirement for those people that
> don't want to install and run Apache.
> Your opinion is valid, but you aren't the only developer out there and I
> want to make it as easy as possible for other people to take something like
> Scarab and run with it without having to also install Apache and make it
> connect to Tomcat.
> love and kisses.
> -jon

Apache mod_rewrite is very cool, it comes in handy at times.
Your feature request didn't contain much justifiying why it was needed.
I'm sure you have your reasons, go for it.

hugs & pats on the back


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